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Floors - Scored
Scoring is the process of cutting lines in concrete to provide permanent patterns and designs, a technique that can greatly enhance the visual appeal of finished floors. Practically any design can be scored; popular choices are diamond or square ‘tiles’ which can be cut borderless across rooms or bordered within an area. Scoring can be done on open slabs or on existing concrete of any age.

Floors - Scored
Double-bordered marquis diamonds with insets on a new residential floor, stained with various Kemiko colors. Large tiles provide the opportunity for multiple-color staining in a pattern that runs through the open-plan living areas.
Floors - Scored
Existing kitchen and breakfast area scored with 24” diamonds bordered about 8” from walls and cabinets. Acid-stained with Increte ‘Black’ and ‘Mission Tan’. Decorative scoring can dramatically widen the color and design possibilities on a stained floor.
Floors - Scored
Patio living areas. Two examples of outdoor scored concrete. The large square tiles at left are stained to complement the brown and grey brick tones. The diamond pattern above is Kemiko’s ‘Malay Tan’ stain. Both are finished with our exterior sealer.
Floors - Scored
A bordered diamond score pattern in the kitchen and breakfast area of a new home, stained with Kemiko ‘Aqua Blue’. As a decorative feature of the floor, the scoring is emphasized by bordering the island, cabinets and built-ins.
Floors - Scored
A foyer custom design in a new residence, Kemiko stain colors with a clear sealer. The scored lettering is enclosed in a 48” diamond within the continuous area-wide 24” diamond pattern, and is centered on the front doorway.
Floors - Scored
A double-bordered 54” five-pointed star, stained with various Kemiko colors on new residential concrete. Most scoring is done prior to coloring, as above, as early as one day after a new pour. Virtually any pattern, logo, or design can be cut into the concrete.